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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
Micro Ultrasonic Machining

Author : Durai.J 1 Saravanakumar.R 2 Sunilkumar.C 3 Rajeev kumarojha 4 Vishwas.M 5

Date of Publication :17th May 2017

Abstract: With increasing demands for miniaturized products there are a lot of developments in the micro manufacturing methods for the fabrication of the threedimensional micro shapes made up of different materials. Micro ultrasonic machining is a promising technique for the fabrication of micro shapes on the hard, brittle and nonconductive materials like glass, ceramics and silicon with high aspect ratio. Due to its non- thermal ,non-electrical and non-chemical nature this process does not changes much the physical, chemical or the metallurgical properties of the materials .But the main concern in this process is the difficulty in handling the micro tool due to dynamic nature of the system and hence the accuracy of the set up. This paper discusses the potentialities and limitations as well various developments in micro ultrasonic machining method.

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