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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
Design and Fabrication of Moskillance (May 2017)

Author : Mr.shivasakthi balan 1 Ajay Kumar S 2 Aravind s Girish.M.C Kishore R 3 Prrassana vegatesh 4

Date of Publication :17th May 2017

Abstract: Moskillance is the fully loaded earthmover which able to convert the rain water stagnant into domestic water for the daily use. Moskillance will be the best solution to prevent harmful diseases produced from stagnant rain water. This special earthmover will tend to clean the surroundings by its unique features by absorbing and storing water .Almost 2/3rd of rain water is not being utilized properly in INDIA. We are introducing the best way to implement the specialized mechanical techniques in our prototyp

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