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Design And Analysis of Quick Change Over for Starter Performance Test Bench

Author : Punith.B.M 1 Sachin Godi 2 Sachin Shetty 3 Sangameshwaraswamy 4 Yogananda B.S 5

Date of Publication :23rd May 2017

Abstract: Throughout the study, the main aim is to increase the productivity in the starter assembly line . In each workstation the processing time is different and the longest time consumption in workstation will be identified and observation is carried out . This related workstation is studied by time study techniques. The time is taken by stopwatch. The goal of the work is to seek in increase in the line efficiency and productivity rate hence proposed to the company. The major drawback is the setup change of performance test bench of the starter . These particular problems thus affect the productivity and the line efficiency as well. Thorough observation revealed the change over time for a workstation also an important aspect in the production time . It plays a major role in the company’s overall income , as the result of that the major change should be taken so as to reduce the change over time . The setup change of performance test bench consumed more time and results in less production. So we should reduce the setup change time by removing the non-value added activities and bring in new techniques . This change has a better line efficiency and increase in rate of productivity

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