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Gear System f or E-Bike

Author : Durai J 1 Mahesha M N 2 Vinod Kumar K 3 Venkatesh V 4 Mahesh Kumar K 5

Date of Publication :9th May 2017

Abstract: Engineering is not all about study but also completion of things in real life. The Idea based on Think Green, Go Green and Ride E-Bike..!! According to this statement the CAD model of the E-Bike is made and tested the vehicle frame for various load conditions in Solid works software and numerical simulation of flow over the E-Bike is analyzed in STARCCM+ software for the diminution of drag in the vehicle. After the design of the vehicle, it is fabricated and tested the vehicle for specification of 60 KMPH maximum discharge time of 3 hours with the endurance range of 120 km etc. Considering these limitations we are modifying the existing design of an electric bike which will give a better performance with better ergonomics.The main disadvantage of this e-bike the speed is minimum around 60kmph and load carrying capacity is less.To overcome the above drawbacks we are implementing the gear box system in the e-bike

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