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Air Production and Power Generation From Speed Braker in Road Ways

Author : Karthik P 1 Chandan Kumar C 2 Raghu N 3 Hemanth Reddy C 4 Anand. K. A 5

Date of Publication :23rd May 2017

Abstract: In our project we are producing the compressor air using with the aid of speed breaker setup in road ways. This is the simple and easy method of producing the compressor air with out using the electricity. Now days the electric power is demand is increased. So we are generating the compressed air without using the electric power. Here instead of electric drive we are using the mechanical drive to generate the compressed air. We are using the speed breaker to generate the compressor air.The main aim of this concept is to generate the electric power through the fabrication of air turbines with speed brake arrangement. Nowadays power demand is increased, so this project is used to generate the electrical power in order to compensate the electric power demand.

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