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Factors effecting Satisfaction of Elevator Customers in Goa: Their Measurement & Analysis

Author : Navesh Shirodkar 1 Dr. Vinay Shirodkar 2

Date of Publication :16th May 2017

Abstract: Elevator Industry has witnessed tremendous changes over time and the entry of MNC’s has transformed it both structurally and functionally. Satisfying the customers is an essential element to staying in business in this modern world of overall competition. In order to measure & analyse customer satisfaction in an elevator industry in Goa, Multi-Criteria Satisfaction Analysis (MUSA) method is used in this paper. Multi-Criteria analysis is a branch of a general class of Operations Research models, which deal with the process of making decisions in presence of multiple objectives. To attain high level of customer satisfaction and repeat business, it is necessary to satisfy and even delight customers with the value of products and services. Hence, the study analysed relative factors effecting customer satisfaction. In this paper well-structured questionnaire was used to collect relevant data. Customer satisfaction was studied through various criteria viz. Personnel, Products, Image, Service and Access. Study revealed that customers are quite satisfied with provided service whereas, image criteria has relatively low satisfaction index. Architects are not satisfied with the offered cost. Nevertheless, there are no critical satisfaction dimensions requiring immediate improvement efforts. However, if company wishes to create additional advantages against competition, the criteria with the lowest satisfaction index should be improved.

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