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Tensile and Impact Strength Evaluation of Developed Hybrid Hemp and Banana Fibre Composite Material

Author : Mr. Ravi Y V 1 Dr. N Kapilan 2

Date of Publication :16th May 2017

Abstract: Composite materials are being used in huge quantity in every walk of the life by almost every country throughout the world. At present, in India the conventional fibers such as carbon, glass and Kevlar are being imported from other countries, causing high cost of production and also the conventional fibers are not degradable.In recent years, the natural fiber reinforced composites have attracted substantial importance as a potential structural material. The attractive features of the natural fibers like jute, hemp, sisal, coir, and banana have been their low cost, light weight, high specific modulus, renews ability and biodegradability. Naturally, composites reinforced with such natural fibers have thus been a subject of intense study for low strength, low cost application in contrast to the synthetic fiber reinforced composites. Since the interfacial bond between the reinforcing fibers and the resin matrix is an important element to realize the mechanical properties of the composites.The proposed work is carried out on natural fibres as they widely available with less cost and excellent properties. We are carrying out this project by preparing the specimens of Hybrid hemp and Banana fibre and tests are to be conduct to analyze the behavior and to study their properties. With respect to that we used to find the application areas in the automobile field Banana fiber are acquired from the pseudo-stem of banana plant is a bast fiber with generally great mechanical properties. Plant filaments are schlerenchymatous cells with vigorously lignified cell dividers having a tight lumen in cross segment. Subsequently the present work we concentrating on to create hemp and banana fiber composite material and to play out a few tests to discover mechanical properties that is Tensile and Impact test lastly to recognize the application ranges of prepared examples.

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