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Fabrication of Pulverized Pesticide Multiple Sprayers

Author : Sachin Anant 1 Manjunatha k 2 Mahesh Powar 3 Nishay K R 4 Mahesh Kulgeri 5

Date of Publication :16th May 2017

Abstract: Agriculture is the backbone of India. In rural areas, spraying pesticides is done by hand spray or fuel (petrol/kerosene) sprayers. Sprayers are mechanical devices that are specifically designed to spray liquids quickly and easily. They come in a number of different varieties. These require manual operation/fossil fuel for its operation. To address these issues, a novel protocol is developed viz. Pulverized Agro Sprayer is an innovative product developed for rural applications. The knapsack sprayers, generally used by farmers for spraying pesticides, involve continuous pumping by one hand while holding the sprayer with the other. The whole process of spraying is very tiresome and also leads to hand, back and neck pains by prolonged use, for any scale of operation, with heavy backload. The knapsack sprayers require a lot of time to cover the bigger spraying operations, which increase the cost of spraying as well as the hazard of pesticide mist getting into the eyes. Manual labour has also become scarce due to the migration of farm laborers towards cities. Other options, like tractor mounted sprayers, are too expensive and not of much use in small holdings. Since the bicycle wheel requires less space to move, it can be used in a more versatile manner as compared to power sprayers that are mounted on tractors. A labour saving device, it can be used to spray one acre of land in 45 minutes, thus covering more area compared to manual spraying. It serves the dual function of a sprayer as well as a bicycle

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