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Conceptual framework for evaluation of performance indicators in Construction Projects.

Author : Nilesh Shivaji Dabade 1 Prof. Ashita J. Sheth 2

Date of Publication :13th April 2017

Abstract: The Construction Industry is one of the very fast growing industries but it also faces many problems which impinge on the performance of their projects. The aim of this study is to identify the factors affecting the local construction projects and analyze them. A questionnaire is prepared from literature review. A comprehensive literature review was deployed to generate a set of factors believed to affect project performance. The questionnaire contains two parts; part A dealing with the general information of the company and the respondent and Part B is subdivided again into different factors like cost, time, quality, client satisfaction, People factors, health and safety, innovation and learning and environment, project related, organization related, project manager and project team related and last is external environment related. The questionnaire was distributed in Mumbai construction industries. Each respondent was asked to rank the factors in a range of one to five in likert scale. The analysis of the response was done using the ranking method. The top 5 factors affecting the performance of projects were identified from the factors like average delay because of closures and materials shortage, availability of personals with high experience and qualification, belonging to work, learning from best practice and experience of others, economic environment, cash flow of project, availability of resources as planned through project duration, application of health and safety factors in organization, climate condition in the site, the size and the value of the project, Liquidity of organization and escalation of material price

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