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Evaluation of Fracture Toughness of LM13 reinforced with Fused SiO2 MMC

Author : Harshith H S 1 Dr. Joel Hemanth 2

Date of Publication :13th April 2017

Abstract: - This paper describes the results obtained from fracture toughness tests performed on chilled LM13-Fused SiO2 composite containing dispersoid (size ) content ranging from 3 to 12 wt % varying in steps of 3%. The resulting composites cast in moulds at ambient temperataure containing metallic (copper, Steel, Cast Iron) and non metallic (Silicon Carbide) chills. The effect of strength and fracture toughness for varying chilling rate and dispersoid content was also examined. The strength and fracture toughness tests were carried out in conformance with AFS (American Foundrymen Society) and ASTM (E 399 1990) standards. Results of the investigation reveal that there is good bonding with consistency in the matrix and as the glass content is increased, the strength and fracture toughness increase remarkably and is highly dependent on the location of the casting from where the test specimens are taken. Large particles and the regions of clusters of particles were found to be the locations prone to damage the composite prior to final fracture.

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