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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
Analysis of various human synovial joint replacements: A review

Author : Sugandha 1 Dr. Puneet Katyal 2 Dr. Munish Gupta 3

Date of Publication :12th July 2017

Abstract: Human body has six types of synovial joints throughout. These joints can be damaged by arthritis and other diseases, injuries, or other causes. Replacing a damaged joint or a paining joint can relieve pain and help one move and feel better. For fabrication of prosthesis, study and analysis of human synovial joints is required. Hips and knees are replaced most often. Other joints that can be replaced include the shoulders, fingers, ankles, and elbows. To better understand the behaviour of replacement joints, various studies have been conducted and formulations have been done on similar systems. In this review paper an attempt has been made to understand the basics of synovial joint, and various studies and analysis done on implants using mathematical and simulator methods

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