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Real time solution for traffic congestion By self analyzing techniques using Digitalized panel boards

Author : M. Harsha vardhana balaji 1 N. Abdulrahman 2 M. Shahina thaslim 3 R. Yugappriyadharshni 4

Date of Publication :27th July 2017

Abstract: Now a day’s traffic congestion is one of the top-rated problem which needs to be treated immediately. However, we are in lack of alternative techniques to avoid traffic congestion and manage it. The aim of this paper is to give a complete strategy for management of traffic congestion by self-analyzing technology. Worldwide the Vehicle users keep on increasing drastically day by day but along with traffic congestion. The effects of traffic congestion include delays for work/school, fuel consumption, pollution, mental stress especially for IT people and also the emergency vehicles suffer a lot. To maintain a balanced transportation system is the best solution for traffic congestion.

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