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Hydraulic gear (hydraulic gear operative mechanisim)

Author : Prof:Anand 1 Afzal Irshad 2 Ravi Kumar K S 3 Basavaraj Ranga 4 Vinayak C Shettali 5

Date of Publication :9th May 2017

Abstract: There are many methods taking place in automotive industries to help the people with disability to make the ride more easy and safe engineers are developing many designs and using many innovative ideas for making a vehicle that is more efficient and safe and can be handled easily without more effort. Normally vehicles that are used by the person with disability are scooter, mopped that is attached with extra two wheels that can help him to support the vehicle while stopping. there are some people are there, they are shy to use these type of vehicle because they don’t want to display and some persons are there who me with some accident or got any diseases because of that they may lose their leg part but they can stand on their feet and walk but can’t able to do their daily base work same that they was doing before their respective situation and an average person who don’t want to use all his vital organ while like legs while driving these all person who want to experience the joy of enjoying a bike with gear or and experience the joy of ride in bike rather than scoote

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