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Ground Effect on Aerofoil Performance

Author : M Sohan 1 Omkaresh B.R 2 Dr V. Ramesh 3

Date of Publication :16th May 2017

Abstract: The CFD simulation over a NACA 0012 aerofoil was carried out at subsonic speed of M=0.3 and Re=3×106 by varying AOA from 0⁰ to 16⁰ with a ground clearance of 2c under normal atmospheric conditions. Fine structured grid was created using GAMBIT and the analysis was carried out in ANSYS 16.0. Standard K-epsilon model was used to determine the flow characteristics. Lift and Drag forces were measured, pressure distribution on aerofoil was obtained and velocity survey over the surface was carried out. These values of lift coefficient was compared with the standard values ( i.e. when aerofoil is away from ground ). It was observed that lift coefficient was high when aerofoil is closer to ground. A strong suction effect was observed on lower surface of an aerofoil for lower values of AoA. It was found that higher values of pressure coefficient are obtained on lower surface when aerofoil is closer to ground. This region of high pressure almost extends over the entire lower surface for higher AoA. the drag was higher close to the ground mainly due to the modification of the lower surface pressure distribution. It was also observed that reverse flow was started to occur at higher AoA.

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