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Influence Of Various Process Parameters On GTAW Welded Butt Joints Of Aluminium Alloy AA6351

Author : Mohammed Idrees 1 Mohammad Irshad Ali 2 Lokhesh Kumar Nagisetty 3

Date of Publication :19th May 2017

Abstract: Aluminium and Aluminium alloys are rapidly growing materials and has found many new applications in engineering materials. Applications of Aluminium and Aluminium alloys are increasing because of light weight, high strength to weight ratio, high corrosion resistance, low cost etc. Joining is a key technology in all the major applications of Aluminium which can be usually achieved by various welding techniques. GTAW( Gas Tungsten Arc Welding ) is one of the most promising methods for welding of Aluminum. However Aluminium suffers changes in hardness and tensile strength, when different welding parameters are varied. For instance if one parameter is kept constant and the remaining varied then a drastic change in hardness, tensile strength and microstructure may be seen. This study basically deals with influence of two basic parameters ( welding current and shielding gas flow rate ) on GTAW welded butt joints of AA6351.After welding was performed Vickers hardness test and Tensile test was conducted to know the influence of process parameters on hardness and ultimate tensile strength respectively. and later Microstructure test was also conducted to know the microstructural changes in the base metal after welding has been performed. Each of the test result was then analyzed to come to a conclusion

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