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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
Waste heat recovery system Using T.E.G

Author : Saifullah hesham 1 Ibrahim khan 2 Ammar akhter 3 Masood mulla 4

Date of Publication :18th May 2017

Abstract: the possibilities of thermoelectric systems’ contribution to “green” technologies, specifically for waste heat recovery from automobile exhaust system and industry exhausting flue gases or smoke passing through chimney. Recent research shows that TEG as a waste heat harvesting method is useful. Due to distinct benefits of thermoelectric generators, they have become a promising alternative green technology. Thermoelectric generator direct converts wasteheat energy into electrical power where it is unnecessary to consider the cost of the thermal energy input. The application of this technology can also improve the overall efficiency the of energy conversion systems and reduce pollution. Thermoelectric revolves around modern day thermocouples and their application in power generation. The phenomenon involving an inter conversion of heat and electrical energy is termed as thermoelectric effect. The concept of thermoelectric effect was brought forward by a German scientist Thomas Joham Seebeck in 1821. According to this, a voltage is produced at the junction of two different materials. If a closed path is provided a current will flow in the circuit. This is the direct conversion of temperature difference to electric voltage and vice-versa. Below figure shows the illustration of seebeck effect.With the increase in population the energy consumption has also increased. Human race is in search of new technology for different energy sources to meet the present demand. Thermoelectric generation is one such emerging technology. This technology uses the waste heat carried away in flue gas or smoke passing through chimney, automobiles, exhaust etc. which is let into the environment to extract electric power. The conversion from heat to electric potential is done with the help of a device called TEG.

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