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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
Vehicle Evaporative System: Study by OBD- II method

Author : Dr. Porag Kalita 1 2

Date of Publication :11th May 2017

Abstract: Evaporative system, it is a system meant to prevent the escape of petrol vapors from the fuel tank or carburetor float bowl to the atmosphere while the engine is off. The vapors are stored in a canister or in the crank-case until is started. OBD-II, systems were designed to maintain low emissions of in use vehicles, including light and medium duty vehicles. The OBD-II diagnostic system shall control the air flow of the complete evaporative system. In addition, the diagnostic system shall also monitor the complete evaporative system for the emission of Hydrocarbon vapor into the atmosphere by performing a pressure or vaccum check of the complete evaporate system. From time to time, manufactures may occasionally turn off the evaporative purge system in order to carry out a check

Reference :

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    3. Automotive Design problem by K M Agrawal, reprint edition 1995.

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