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Parametric Optimization of force during turning Process on Mild steel

Author : Dr.PVS Subhashini 1 T Roopa Tulasi 2

Date of Publication :11th May 2017

Abstract: Minimizing power in any machining process is more important. As power is directly proportional to the force, the present work is aimed towards analyzing the force and optimizing it. Lathe is the oldest machine tool where it has more usage in the industrial applications. Therefore the present work is concentrated on Lathe. The present work aims at optimizing the cutting parameters of turning operation for minimizing the force. In the present work design of experiments (Taguchi Analysis) is used for deciding the number of experiments. Nine experiments were conducted and using dynamometer force is calculated. A multiple regression analysis is carried out for the experimental data and derived an equation. Using this equation with the given inputs , cutting parameters are optimized for force minimization using genetic algorithm.

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