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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
All Time Medicine Counter For Medicine Self-Dispensing For Public

Author : Malashree.G 1 Gnaneshwari. V 2 Ubaidulla 3 Sneha. S 4 Swetha B Gumati 5

Date of Publication :18th May 2017

Abstract: Medicines play a crucial role in maintaining health, preventing illness, managing, chronic conditions and curing disease. All Time Medicine (ATM) is a machine which delivers the medicine in emergency cases and ensure availability of drugs 24x7 and hence the name “All Time Medicine”. ATM will be very useful in saving life in case of an accident on highways, remote areas, rural areas and places where medical stores are not within the reach in case of emergency. At least first aid can be made easily accessible with the help of this system. This project consists of Advanced RISC Machine PIC micro controller which controls the other sub systems such as RFID Reader, Global System for Mobile communication (GSM), medicine dispenser, inventory control. RFID tag identifies the specific user. GSM sends the message to the inventory control when the medicines needs to be refill. Medicine Dispenser is the storage part of the machine, which stores the medicine.

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