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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
Design development analysis and crash simulation of gimball integrated vehicle

Author : Y Nithin Chandra Manas 1 Dr.PVS.Subhashini 2 R Krishna Teja 3

Date of Publication :10th May 2017

Abstract: The gimbal is a mechanism having degrees of freedom in both elevation and azimuth axis similar to gyroscope which has 3 axial freedom. Gimball assembly consists of a) box ,where the required components are fixed b) motors, for the rotation of gimball in required direction c) beam support, for holding the structure d) base plate to connect two beam structural beams e) base plate, for support of entire structure. The following points are considered for design of gimbal assembly:  Mechanical configuration has a minimum value of MI about all the axes.  The mechanical design is optimized for stiffness so that the natural frequencies are well above the natural frequency to avoid resonance.  Machining accuracy of various surfaces is to be maintained so the geometric cross coupling & friction are minimized. Torque calculations are done for required loading conditions and a motor is selected. The gimball and gimball installed truck are designed analysed and simulated

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