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Numerical study of parametric effects on hydrogen storage using porous metal hydrides

Author : Dony Dominic 1 G. Venugopal 2

Date of Publication :18th May 2017

Abstract: Metal hydrides have been prompted as one of the most promising materials for hydrogen storage applications. The key challenges confronted with hydrogen storage using metal hydrides are to minimize the time of absorption and maximize the amount of hydrogen storage. The objectives of the present study are (i) to develop relationship between operating and design variables and (ii) predict, numerically, the performance of metal hydride system. The governing transport equations are solved with a fully implicit finite volume numerical scheme with the commercial software FLUENT. The heat transfer analysis of the metal hydride bed underlines that thermal conductivity of the bed material plays a significant role in the hydrogen absorption characteristics of the bed. Further, the study has lead to propose a new design of hydride bed with the inclusion of aluminium layers inside the LaNi5 hydride bed. The numerical analysis was further extended to study effect of wall thermal boundary conditions on absorption characteristics the of metal hydride bed. The results show that better heat transmission and reduction in time for charging is possible with the proposed new design of metal hydride bed.

Reference :

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