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Effect of Groove Area on Angular Distortion in CO2 Arc Welding process

Author : B.N Sathyanarayana Reddy 1 H V Panchakshari 2 Viresh G Patil 3 K Thirupathi 4

Date of Publication :10th May 2017

Abstract: Angular distortion often occurs in butt welded joints when transvers shrinkage is not uniform along the depth of the plates welded due to non-uniform heating and cooling along the thickness of plates. This is the main source of mismatch and dimensional inaccuracy in large welded structures. There is need for procedural development and understanding the mechanism of residual stresses and angular distortion in connection with CO2 arc welding process. In the present investigation it is proposed to study the effect of different electrode diameter and edge preparations such as included angle and root opening on distortion in CO2 arc welding process on mild steel. The distortions considered for different edge preparations are angular distortions for single groove, bevel groove butt joints and analyze distortions in butt joints for 8mm plate thickness of size 250x250 in mm and then measurement of different distortions made by 3-D coordinate measuring machine. Angular distortion in single V-groove butt welded joints and bevel groove butt welded joints decreases with increase in the Groove area.

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