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Effect of Deep Cryogenic Treatment on Corrosion Behaviour of Al6061/Al2O3 MMCs

Author : Dr. Panchakshari HV 1 Dr.B.N. Sathyanarayana Reddy 2 Mr. R.G. Deshpande 3 Mr. Nagendra reddy H.R 4 5

Date of Publication :19th May 2017

Abstract: The Al6061/Al2O3 composites were prepared with varying proportions of alumina particles with an average particle size of 30μm by liquid metallurgy route. The composites were then subjected to deep cryogenic treatment at liquid nitrogen temperature -1960C.The samples were cryo-treated for different durations. As-cast and cryogenic treated samples were subjected to corrosion testing in NaCl solution for 60, 70, 80 & 90 days. Corrosion rate was calculated by weight loss method. The results showed significant improvement in corrosion resistance with increase in reinforcement particles and duration of cryogenic treatment.

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