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Analysis of tensile and hardness properties of Aluminium7075 based Metal Matrix Composite

Author : Mohan A. E 1 Girisha H. N 2 Amarnath G 3

Date of Publication :18th May 2017

Abstract: Aluminum 7075 alloys have been proposed for extensive use in automotive engine applications and there have been discrete cases of experimental implementation. In order to enhance the usability of this material, it has been investigated in composite forms with various ceramic reinforcements. Viability of the different constituents depends on the compatibility of their physical and chemical properties. The service conditions are characterized by extreme stress and temperature conditions very close to failure. Hence thermal stresses play an important role in success of these materials. In this present investigation efforts are made to study the mechanical properties of as cast and heat treatment aluminium nitride particulates reinforced Al7075 composites, containing aluminium nitride particulate of 2-3 microns in different compositions. The vortex method of stir casting was employed, in which the reinforcements were introduced into the vortex created by the molten metal by means of mechanical stirrer. Castings were machined to the ASTM standards on a highly sophisticated lathe. The degree of improvement of mechanical properties of MMCs is strongly depending on percentage composition of aluminium nitride particulate reinforcements. An improved mechanical properties are occurs on reinforced compared to unreinforced MMCs

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