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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
Effect of Silicon Carbide on Mechanical Properties of Aluminium Alloy (A357) Composite (Al Sic)

Author : Naveen G 1 Chethan N 2 Gururaja R 3 Lokesh K 4 Chetan Kumar B M 5

Date of Publication :2nd May 2017

Abstract: There are various technical challenges to be solved in today’s casting technology. For achieving various challenges that to overcome the difficulties faced throughout, for proper mixing or uniform distribution of reinforcements, with base metal/metal matrix is biggest challenge. This affects directly on various factors such as properties and quality of metal matrix composites developed, etc. In the present work a modest/realistic attempt would be made to develop Aluminium based Silicon Carbide composite (AlSiC) with an aim to develop a composites with the conventional low cost, stir casting method/technique has been used and equivalent/subsequent property analysis has been made to develop the composites . Aluminium (a357) having 7%silicon and SiC (100-grit) have been chosen as metal matrix and reinforcement material respectively. Experiments are planned for conducting varying weight fraction of SiC (from 0%-12% in the steps of 3%) while keeping all other parameters like furnace temperatures & total mass of material mixture constant. In this mechanical string is used for proper mixing of silicon carbide in aluminium hot molten metal. The results were evaluated by Tensile test and Brinell Hardness Test (including micro-structure). The trend of Tensile and hardness with increase in weight percentage of SiC were observed and recommendation made for the potential applications accordingly. By this experimental analysis, it is observed that 12% SiC with Aluminium will give the maximum value among the matrix mixture composites prepared.

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