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Optimizing the Processing Parameters for Al-20Si- 6Cu Aluminum-Silicon P/M Alloy

Author : Sajjad Aliakbarlu 1 Rahmi Ãœnal 2

Date of Publication :20th July 2017

Abstract: The compaction, sintering and heat treatment processing conditions for the Al-20Si-6Cu (wt%) P/M alloyhave been optimized in this study.The alloy powder was uniaxiallypressed in the rigid steel die at the pressure range of 400-900 MPa.The green density increased with an increasing the compaction pressure until 800 MPa.The sintering of the compacts was conducted under flowing nitrogen gas with the temperature range of 530-570 C and different sintering times (40-120 minutes). The highest hardness was obtained at the sintering temperature of 550 C and 1 hour sintering time. The sintered specimens were subsequently T6 heat treated to improve mechanical properties. After determining optimum heat treatment time of 10 hours, the alloy showed the hardness of 93.7 HV

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