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Natural Fiber Metal Laminates an Idea for Better Properties Than Fiber Metal Laminates

Author : S.Nithya Poornima 1 2

Date of Publication :24th May 2017

Abstract: In today’s world energy crisis and depletion of resources has become major concern. So, there is need for a technology that recovers energy which usually gets wasted. In the case of automobiles one of these useful technologies is the regenerative braking system. Generally in automobiles whenever the brakes are applied the vehicle comes to a halt and the kinetic energy gets wasted due to friction in the form of heat energy. Using regenerative braking system in automobiles enables us to recover kinetic energy of the vehicle to some extent that is lost during braking process. The present work utilizes flywheel to store the energy which was actually being wasted during braking process. The kinetic energy of a vehicle which is lost during deceleration is used to accelerate a flywheel, this flywheel is subsequently coupled to transmission to assist in starting the vehicle from rest thus conserving the energy. The shape of the flywheel is important and must be designed such that stress in the material is the same throughout. Since regenerative braking results in an increase in energy output for a given energy input to a vehicle thus efficiency is improved. Therefore amount of work done by the person in pedalling the bicycle is reduced

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