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Development of Single Wheeled Electric Bike

Author : Shreyas.G.U, 1 Dr.C.J.Gangadhar gowda 2 Dr.N.L.Murali Krishna 3

Date of Publication :13th April 2017

Abstract: - Single wheeled electric vehicle includes DC electric hub motor and a steering mechanism, where in this system is disposed within the wheel of the single wheeled vehicle. The wheel has a hub motor within which there is a stationary centre shaft and vehicle is provided with small training wheels and operation of the motor causes the rotation of the wheeled vehicle depending upon the throttle. This paper describes the development of Single Wheeled DC Electric Vehicle which can be driven with the help of an accelerator and a power controller. In the present study an indigenously built Prototype generally relates an electric transportation and more particularly relates to Eco-Friendly Single-wheeled vehicle which can be used in both indoor and outdoor systems as a mode of transportation.

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