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Experimental and Computational Analysis of Heat Transfer, Fluid Flow & Pressure Distribution of Multi-Jet Impingement Cooling on Concave Surfaces

Author : Satheesha V 1 B. K. Muralidhara 2 C. K. Umesh 3

Date of Publication :13th April 2017

Abstract: - Understanding the fluid path lines using carbon black coating method on target plate in Jet impingement process provides information about the interaction between the jets in the array which plays an important role in the cooling performance. Experimental visualization of flow structure on target plate is observed in collision of wall jets after impingement producing complex flow field. The array of jet consists of three impinging jets at equidistant from the central jet. Jet-to-plate spacing (H) to hydraulic diameter of jet (d) ratio varied from 2 to 4 and jets Reynolds number is varied from 1742 to 3649. Computationally obtained flow structure of interacting jets and effects of varying H/d ratio and Reynolds number on fluid flow, heat transfer and pressure distribution are compared with experimental data. Pressure distribution over the target plate depends on Reynolds number and H/d ratio. Convective heat transfer increases with increase in Reynolds number and decreases with increase in jet to plate spacing (H).

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