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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
Regenrative Braking System

Author : R. Vijay 1 R.N. Satheesh 2 R. Vignesh 3

Date of Publication :6th June 2017

Abstract: This paper explains about how kinetic energy is recovered and converted into electric energy in Regenerative Braking System while braking. Regenerative Braking is an energy recovery mechanism. In conventional braking system the motion is retarded or stopped by absorbing kinetic energy by friction. This project is about regenerating the kinetic energy which lost during braking. Regenerative braking technology funnels the energy created by the braking process back into the system further use. The energy generated will be used in various ways or can be stored in battery for later use. The design and fabrication of Regenerative braking system working model has been described and a new concept was also introduced for further research.

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