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Bladeless Turbines

Author : Yashwant Hardikar 1 Durga P. Ghatge 2 Gaurav N. Devdikar 3

Date of Publication :14th June 2017

Abstract: Turbine that would provide a quite safe, simple andefficient alternative to our supposedly Bladed Turbine engine is the need of the hour. Bladeless WindPower Generation uses a radically new approach to capturing wind energy. The device captures theenergy of vorticity, an aerodynamic effect that has plagued structural engineers and architects for ages (vortex shedding effect). As the wind bypasses a fixed structure, its flow changes and generates a cyclical pattern of vortices. Once these forces are strong enough, the fixed structure starts oscillating. Instead of avoiding these aerodynamic instabilities the design maximizes the resulting oscillation and captures that energy. Naturally, the design of such device is completely different from a traditional turbine. This technology of the Bladeless Turbines puts it at a very low range of capital intensity. It also makes it highly competitive not only against generations of alternative or renewable energy, but even compared to conventional technologies. Bladeless turbines are also thereenest turbines with almost nil harmful effects on the environment. The bladeless turbine has a promisingfuture as a new power generation system.

Reference :

    1. Mr.David Suriol CEO of VortexBladeless shared his views about the cutting edgetechnology they are working on; personally by email.( He also provided actual data of latest perspectives about the company
    2. which helped to know basic fundamentals about the subject.
    3. Vortex General Info Presentation 2017 given by CEO himself was of maximum use.
    4. Papers and Journal Publishings about Wind Energy using Bladeless Turbines were also used. Papers by IJICTRD as well as MIT Technology Review helped a lot.
    5. Wikipedia : Vortex Effect
    6. Patents about Bladeless Turbines and papers Published
    7. Vortex bladeless Turbines Official Site

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