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Process Optimization for Turning Operation - a Review

Author : P.S.Kulkarni 1 S. S. Patil 2

Date of Publication :9th August 2017

Abstract: This dissertation work shall focus on the unique response -Residual Stress - found upon turning the workpiece using CNC turning center. The material chosen is EN353, which is used in Automobile applications like shafts & gears, where the case of the part is expected to be hard while the core should stay soft to offer toughness during shock loading. The research shall be performed upon identifying fundamental machining parameters that influences this response. Statistical techniques shall be used to determine the optimal settings for the given parameters. The experiment shall be performed at a suitable facility and the optimal results shall be validated through experimentation. The residual stresses are being considered to be measured using `Hole Drilling Method’ or a suitable technique at the test lab. The objective of the work shall be to optimize the parameters in order to realize reduced level of residual stress while maintaining the rate of production for the given component

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