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Cfd Analysis of Mechanical Thrust Vectoring Control (TVC) of Missile

Author : Umesh Kulkarni 1 A. K. Gangrade 2 Ravindra Shende 3

Date of Publication :5th July 2017

Abstract: This paper explains the amount of thrust vectoring obtained using jet type of Thrust Vectoring Control (TVC) system. A new thrust vectoring component is suggested and validated with available experimental data. The methodology entails the design of three dimensional nozzle using two input design parameters followed by descretisation of control volume and simulation through ZNPL PUNS solver. Grid independence test was carried out for basic nozzle case (nozzle with no TVC component). Taguchi design technique for design optimization was adopted. Nine cases were simulated for varying position of TVC component in a direction normal to nozzle axis i.e. nozzle exit blockage along with clearance between TVC component and nozzle exit plane along the axis downstream. The optimised cases were selected through post processing and analysing the solution in perspective of nozzle wall pressure forces and TVC efficiency parameters.

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