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Design of Circular Overhead Water Tank

Author : Neha. S. Vanjari 1 krutika. M. Sawant 2 Prashant .S. Sisodiya 3 S. B. Patil 4

Date of Publication :13th July 2017

Abstract: The water is the most essential element to a life on the earth. It is a liquid which covers about 71.4% of the earth. It is the most ubiquitous substance in the human body. The approximate consumption of water in a population of around 20,000 is 200 litres/head/day. The water is also important in the agricultural and industrial sectors. Water demand is one of the key issues in water supply planning. To overcome this issue, the present water tank designs have to be modified. Overhead water tank is the most effective storing facility used for domestic or even industrial purpose. The design and construction methods in reinforced concrete are influenced by the prevailing construction practices, the physical property of the material and the climatic conditions, linings, the ground conditions i.e. type of soil, soil bearing capacity etc. This paper gives an overall designing procedure of an Overhead Circular Intze tank using LIMIT STATE METHOD from IS-3370:2009. In IS-3370:2009, limit state method considering two aspects mainly limits the stress in steel and limits the cracking.

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