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A Comparative Study on Effect of Different Material for Retrofitting of Concrete Columns

Author : Mandakaruhi Rymbai 1 Peerzada Jaffar Abass 2 S. Ganesh 3

Date of Publication :19th April 2017

Abstract: Antique structures are prone to be afflicted by the fluctuating load or the change in the environment circumstances such as effect due to earthquake load, wind load and other unpredictable factors. Rehabilitation of such structure will cost a lot and the alternate way to reduce that cost is by choosing the structure to be bolster with various type of strengthening technique using distinct material. One of the best technique used is by wrapping different material from the external surface. Retrofitting of material is a widely-used method and has been followed since long time back especially during this time period where natural calamities can happen anytime anywhere, so people are inclined to apprehensive with their structure condition. The retrofitting material being used here are steel jackets, elastic tapes, rubber tubes and glass fiber reinforced polymer(GFRP) with epoxy resin as adhesive. The concrete column used is having the dimension of 80mmX80mmX300mm a type of short column. The wrapping location tested at two specific places- first type wrapping is to be done at the distance 100mm from both edges of the columns and in the second type the wrapping location to be done is 100mm to 200mm distance of the column the center of the column. The columns are both end fixed and two grade of concrete used for the tested columns i.e.M20 and M25 for confirmation. The cracking load that can be absorb by the columns were tested by using digital compressive testing machine. Each grade of columns tested on 28days curing into three category- first categories were the standard columns, the second category in which the columns were first subjected to the compressive load then retrofitting done after subjecting to load for the second-time testing and the third category in which the retrofitting of columns was directly followed after its 28days curing then the columns were subjected to the compressive load. The results obtained were being simulated into the ANSYS software and the finite element analysis is done which gives similar result as compared to the experimental values.

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