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Performance Improvement on Air Conditioning System By Solar Energy Assisted Evaporatively Cooled Air Condenser

Author : Bhargav K 1 Ajith Kumar S 2 Arunan Balajee K A 3

Date of Publication :10th August 2017

Abstract: Reduction of energy consumption is a major concern in vapour compression cooling systems, especially in areas with very hot weather conditions. In the hot weather conditions performance of these systems decrease sharply and electrical power consumption increases considerably. Evaporative condensers enhance the heat rejection process by using the cooling effect of evaporation and therefore improve energy usage efficiency. Increasing the co-efficient of performance (COP) of the residential air conditioner with air-cooled condenser is a challenging problem especially in areas with very hot conditions. Applications of solar energy assisted evaporatively cooled air condenser instead of air cooled condenser is proposed in this project work as an efficient way to solve the problem. Experimental results show that the inlet air temperature for evaporatively cooled condenser has been reduced by 3.02% compared to air cooled condenser. Also the time taken for the compressor to cut off has been reduced for evaporatively cooled condenser by 69.5 % (flow rate 8.5L/min; temperature range=22-20 °C) compared to conventional air conditioner

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