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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
Recyclable Perlite Concrete using Olivine Sand

Author : R.B.Narendran 1 U.Rajkumar 2

Date of Publication :16th August 2017

Abstract: To make the perlite concrete strong enough to be used as wall panels by partial replacement of perlite aggregates by olivine sand. Compressive strength was determined for different ratios of concrete and finally a ratio was taken, in which 1.5 parts of natural perlite aggregates was replaced with olivine sand. Tests were performed on the olivine-perlite concrete cubes of standard size and it was seen that the compressive strength value obtained from the specimen was much higher compared to conventional wall panel materials. All the materials added are eco-friendly, also the emission of Co2 gas is reduced and hence does not cause much damage to the environment. Based on the results from the above tests, these blocks can be recycled and re-used for non load bearing walls. The model cube casted can be scaled up in dimension to meet the requirements of a commercial blocks and can be used for construction of wall panels in framed structures.

Reference :

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