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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
Numerical Analysis of Drag And Flow Field of Multiple Bluff Bodies

Author : Suja T P 1 2

Date of Publication :17th August 2017

Abstract: In and around the offshore industry, there are drastic developments in the construction of structures as well as in the analysis. In the design and analysis of most of the offshore structures, effect of other obstructions in the field is considered as a minor factor. But there is some influence on the force acting on the structures due to the presence of other neibouring structures. The concept of bluff bodies which is characterized by large amount of flow separation in the field of offshore structures. This work mainly focuses on the flow past bluff bodies. A 2-Dimensional steady state is considered for the simulation in the computational fluid dynamics. The flow domain considered is rectangular with appropriate boundary conditions. The fluid is assumed to be incompressible. k- ε turbulent model is used in the present work. Two dimensional Navier- Stokes equation is solved. Flow around single circular bluff body is simulated and the corresponding drag coefficient variation with respect to Reynolds number is studied. It is extended to two, three and four bluff bodies in the fluid flow. For the multiple bluff bodies, gap between them are changed to get the effect of gap on flow field. Reynolds number range chosen is 104 to107.

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