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Optimization of IC engines through Rapid Pressure Swing Adsorption

Author : Vaikunth B 1 Kaarthik E 2 Varadharaj Rathinam A 3

Date of Publication :23rd August 2017

Abstract: The thermal efficiency of heat engines can be improved using Rapid Pressure Swing adsorption technique (RPSA). This technique employs insertion of pure Oxygen into the combustion chamber of IC engines. This air-fuel mixture is similar to stoichiometric mixture. Atmospheric air is removed of its Nitrogen before sending it into the intake manifold using adsorbing materials such as Zeolite, Carbon etc. This technique decreases the amount of fuel supplied for each stroke and hence aiding in fuel consumption. This method also reduces the emission of Carbon Monoxide and Nitrogen Oxides (NOX) thus contributing to a greener environment. This process also ensures complete combustion of fuel.

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