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Call For Paper : Vol 11, Issue 05, May 2024
Determination of Powder-Liquid Mixing Time in A Gyro-Shaker By Experimentally and CFD Method

Author : Mohammed said u y 1 C.M Manmohan 2 P.A. Abdul Samad 3

Date of Publication :17th August 2017

Abstract: The powder and liquid mixture have important role in many industries such as food industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry etc. The homogeneity of the mixture and time required for mixture to attain homogeneity are the important space for research .This paper is focused on how can enhance the homogeneity of the mixture as well as finding out the critical mixing time for the mixture to attains its homogeneity .The homogeneity of mixing can be enhanced by using gyro-shaker instead of conventional mixer such as single axis stirrers ,in conventional mixing the centripetal force reduce the homogeneity outwards from the impeller ,the dual axis rotation of gyro-shaker solve this problem and provide quality homogeneous mixture .The experiment is conducted on a gyro-shaker ,the simulation is done by the CFD method and verify the results with experiment .The image processing technique is used to find the mixing time , cutting the videos in to frame and by processing MATH LAB code .The Euler multiphase method is used in CFD analysis, The mesh size is calculated by the grid independence theory

Reference :

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