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Gurney Flap Studies on Lift and Drag of an Aero foil Naca0012

Author : Manjunatha Patil 1 Mr.Jatadhara 2 Dr 3 V.Ramesh 4

Date of Publication :26th May 2017

Abstract: In this performance we have executed the computational analysis on aerofoil to determine the effect of gurney flap on lift and drag performance of naca0012. A Gurney flap is a flat plate of order from 1 to 2% of the aerofoil chord length, aligned vertically to the chord length and positioned on the aerofoil pressure side at the rear end. This work involves a steady state, in-compressible Navier-Stokes equation solver and two dimensional CFD calculations for subsonic flow over a naca0012 aerofoil at different angle of attack and maintained at high Reynolds number at 3x are conferred using the unique equation spallart-allamaras turbulence model. Adopting a 3.0% chord length Gurney flap enhances the coefficient of lift gurney flap height preferred. The computed solutions display the detail picture of the flow system at trailing edge and give a feasible evidence for the enhanced aerodynamic function. The computational results describe the details of the flow nature at the trailing edge and provide feasible information for the increased aerodynamic performanc

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