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WSN Based Advanced Irrigation Vehicle Operated Using Smartphone (AGRI-BOT)

Author : Niranjan L 1 Swathi Lakshmi 2 Sushma Behera 3

Date of Publication :12th April 2017

Abstract: This paper explores the possibility of providing in agricultural mechanism. This robotic vehicle is an agricultural machine of an impressive power and incredible soil clearing capacity. The entire system is designed using the proteus software where each of the module is controlled depending on the crop. Here the system gives the advance version of and methods to sow, plow, water and cut the crops with minimum man power and labor, which makes it an efficient vehicle. The system will cultivate the farm by knowing the row and column at a fixed distance. The machine is controlled through the Bluetooth medium using an Android smart phone. The entire system is designed using the well know proteus software and the coding is done using keil c version of ARM Processor. The calculation, processing and monitoring is noted down and the entire system is developed using motors, sensors and controller

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