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Design and Analysis of Rigid Body Truck

Author : Mahalingam.N.R 1 Prabhu.S 2 Raja.S 3 Ajay.R 4 Shatheesh Vettrivel.M 5

Date of Publication :6th September 2017

Abstract: The objective of paper is to find out best material and most suitable sub-frame for CATERPILLER 797F mining truck with the constraints of maximum shear stress, equivalent stress and deflection of the chassis under maximum load condition. In present the chassis which are used for making buses and trucks are C and I cross section type, which are mostly made of Steel alloy. The Chassis with high strength cross section is needed to minimize the failures including factor of safety in design assurance to optimize the life chassis. In the present work, we have taken higher strength as the main issue, so the dimensions of an existing vehicle chassis of a CATERPILLER 797F mining truck is taken for analysis with materials namely ASTM A710 Steel, ASTM A302 Alloy Steel and Aluminum Alloy 6061 subjected to the same load. The different vehicle chassis have been modeled by considering three different cross-sections namely C, I and Rectangular Box (Hollow) type cross sections. The problem to be dealt for this dissertation work is to Design and Analyze the new Sub-frame as support for the existing chassis of CAT 797F mining truck. The report is the work performed towards the optimization of the automobile chassis by new design of sub-frame with constraints of stiffness and strength. The modeling is done using Catia, and analysis is done using Ansys

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