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Chain Actuated Intermittent Work-Part Transport System

Author : SanthoshGaidhankar 1 SanjayCK 2 Vishwas SK 3 Subhashith KV 4 Mr.Shashank KS 5

Date of Publication :12th April 2017

Abstract: There has been a serious demand for intermittent movement of packages in the industries right from the start. Though the continuous movement is more or less important in the same field the sporadic motion has become essential .The objective of our project is to produce a mechanism that delivers this stop and move motion using simple four-bar mechanism. The advantage of our system over the conveyor system is that the system has a time delay between moving packages and this delay can be used to introduce any alterations in the package or move the package for any other purpose and likewise. While in conveyor system such actions cannot be performed unless programmed module is used to produce intermittent stopping of the belt which basically is costly. The prototype design requires electric motor, shafts and the frame of which the frame and platform on which the packages are moved is fabricated. All the links are being made of Aluminum which reduces the weight of the whole system including the head which has a direct contact with the boxes being moved. The system is expected to move as heavy packages as 2 ------3kgs approximately

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