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Laser Cutting of Composite Materials

Author : Arindam Ghosal 1 Pravin Patil 2

Date of Publication :6th July 2017

Abstract: En353 as many industrial applications used in different industries like railways, Machine tools, Automobile industries etc. The composition of EN353 steel is carbon, Silicon, Molibdenam, Sulpher, Phosphorus, Nickel Chromium and Molibdenam. As Laser machining process is very quick machining process and micro hole can be produced by laser machining so during machining of EN353 steel Laser machining process can be adopted. The effects of the different Machining parameters during EN353 steell cutting, Material Removal Rate (MRR) is consider as response 1 and discussed with the help of different graphsThe response surface methodology (RSM) is adopted for optimization the machining parameters for maximum MRR.

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