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Development of Fault Diagnosis and Information Providing System for Go-Kart Vehicles

Author : Prabhu.S 1 Shatheesh Vettrivel.M 2 Mahalingam.N.R 3

Date of Publication :19th September 2017

Abstract: All the racing vehicles faces some minor or even major problem during racing specifically go-karts but the problems can be noticed by driver but cannot be informed as soon as the problem occur, in that case the project that we have done will save the driver and both a lot of time. Since the time is a curtail factor in every racing event that time can be saved by our project. The driver passes information by a system from vehicle to the receiving system of technical team (i.e. system is a combination of microcontroller and GSM connection) in a distance. the signal is transferred by means of GSM connected to the microcontroller system in the vehicle to the LCD screen of the receiving end of technical team the LCD lists the proper tool to diagnose the fault when the vehicle is brought to the technical team. Then the team members can work the problem without wasting time on finding the problem and finding the right tool for the job since the driver had informed before reaching the pit.

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