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Investigation on Age Hardening of Aluminium Alloy using Biological Quench ants

Author : M. Maruthi Rao 1 Dr. N.V.V.S. Sudheer 2

Date of Publication :29th September 2017

Abstract: In this work the suitability of biological quenching medium for age hardening of aluminum alloy has been investigated. An attempt was made to add different percentages of cow and sheep urine in base quenching media(water) separately to study its effect on the micro structural and mechanical properties of cast aluminum alloy. Cow and sheep urine are supposed to contain rich quantities of sodium, nitrogen, sulphur, manganese, silicon etc., homogeneously present. Test samples of aluminum alloy were age hardened at 450 C, 400 C, 350 C by soaking for one hour and then investigated for different strength parameters. The results showed significant increase in ultimate tensile strength, yield strength and hardness possibly due to above elements present in the cow and sheep urine. Sodium present in the cow and sheep urine could be the reason for grain refinement and silicon along other elements could have helped in interlocking of grain boundaries. The values are in coincidence with recommended values of age hardening of aluminum alloy in base quenching media.

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