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Main framework of rehabilitation and strengthening of RC columns subjected to combined bending

Author : Abdul Qader Melhem 1 Badache Hacene 2

Date of Publication :21st September 2017

Abstract: The aims of this paper is to focus on the current methods in strengthening columns, which are exposed to axial load and bending moment (or exposed to un-axial loads), by means of steel angles, and to invest these methods in numerical practical examples according to ultimate strength method. Then suggesting useful method & equations to strengthen RC column subjected to axial and bending moment. Afterward, a comparative study has been conducted to figure out the governing parameters of behavior of steel angles and strips that strengthen RC columns. It has been started by outlining general framework for rehabilitation & strengthening of RC columns via steel angles and strips exposed to a combined bending, which will be studied in detail. It shows the current experimental proposed equations to strengthen axially loaded columns.

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