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Reduction of Post Burning Blow holes by using Shainin Techniques in Automotive Batteries

Author : C. Jay Shyam 1 Dr. Y. Hariprasada Reddy 2 Venkatamuni 3

Date of Publication :20th September 2017

Abstract: Battery is one of the vital components used in automobiles. The main purpose of battery is to start the engine, to run the light system and other sound systems like music, horn etc. Once the engine is ignited and starts running, power for electrical system of the automobile will be supplied by alternator. Modern automobiles batteries are lead acid type using six cells connected in series so as to obtain 12 volts system. Keeping in view the vital role of a battery in an automobile, the battery should be made with high quality, durability and defect free. However, defective batteries would be rejected at quality check (QC) phase in the manufacturing industry. These rejections at QC should not be more, as it may reduce the productivity. The company should identify the root cause for such defects, which are responsible to brand battery as defective and also a rejection.

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