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Studies on Pile Subjected To Axial and Lateral Loading

Author : Priyadharshini.A, 1 Stalin V.K 2 Muttharam.M 3

Date of Publication :16th October 2017

Abstract: Offshore structures, namely, oil drilling platforms, jetties, tension leg platforms etc. are mostly supported on pile foundation. Apart from the usual super structure load (dead load, live load, etc.), these piles are subjected to continuous lateral loading resulting from ocean waves. The combined type of loading induces progressive degradation of the foundation capacity associated with increased pile head displacement. In connection with the above, a total of 18 model pile load tests have been conducted in a model tank filled by sand and clay to examine the behavior of single pile under vertical and lateral loading. Pile is subjected to axial compressive loads and lateral load, for varying type of soil, combinations of loading and L/D ratio. Result indicate that the vertical load capacity of pile increases with L/D ratio and for sand bed compared to clay bed. The effect of L/D ratio and type of soil is less felt on the lateral load capacity of pile unlike vertical load capacity. In the case of vertical and lateral loading combination, at constant vertical load the lateral load carrying capacity of pile is lesser than that of the lateral load carrying capacity of pile without vertical load.

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